November 2022TitleSpeakerScripture
11/13/2022Understanding the Signs of the TimesStace RollefsonLuke 21:5-36
11/06/2022Loved to be DifferentStace RollefsonMatthew 5:1-12
October 2022TitleSpeakerScripture
10/30/2022God's Word Gives FreedomStace RollefsonJohn 8:31-36
10/23/2022Faith Seeks GraceStace RollefsonLuke 18:9-17
10/16/2022Faith Looks a Lot Like PrayerStace RollefsonLuke 18:1-8
10/09/2022Enduring in His FaithfulnessStace Rollefson2 Timothy 2:1-13
10/02/2022Spirit Born & Spirit Kept FaithStace Rollefson2 Timothy 1:1-14
September 2022TitleSpeakerScripture
09/25/2022The Good Fight of FaithStace RollefsonI Timothy 6:6-19
09/18/2022Pray for Our Nation's LeadersStace RollefsonI Timothy 2:1-15
09/11/2022Our Repentance is Heaven's JoyStace RollefsonLuke 15:1-10
09/04/2022Jesus Counted the Cost and Did ItStace RollefsonLuke 14:25-35
August 2022TitleSpeakerScripture
08/28/2022An Attitude of MercyStace RollefsonLuke 14:1-14
08/21/2022Jesus' Blood Lets Us InStace RollefsonLuke 13:22-30
08/14/2022People of FaithStace RollefsonHebrew 11:17-12:3
08/07/2022God's Therapy for WorryKen HauptLuke 12:22-40
July 2022TitleSpeakerScripture
07/31/2022Jesus on the WayIrfan WilsonLuke 19:1-10
07/24/2022Learning to Talk With JesusStace RollefsonLuke11:1-13
07/17/2022Living at Jesus' FeetStace RollefsonLuke 10:38-42
07/10/2022MercyStace RollefsonLuke 10:25-37
07/03/2022Celebrate JesusStace RollefsonLuke 10:1-20
June 2022TitleSpeakerScripture
06/26/2022Don't Give UpStace RollefsonLuke 9:51-62
06/19/2022Tell Your StoryStace RollefsonLuke 8:26-39
06/12/2022One + One + One = OneStace RollefsonJohn 8:48-56
06/05/2022The Help of the Holy SpiritStace RollefsonJohn 14:23-31
May 2022TitleSpeakerScripture
05/29/2022Alleluia, Christ is Risen & Reigning!Stace RollefsonLuke 24:44-53
05/22/2022Afflicted But JoyousStace RollefsonJohn 16:23-33
05/15/2022God's Love Is The KeyStace RollefsonJohn 13:31-35
05/08/2022In His GripStace RollefsonJohn 10:22-30
05/01/2022Jesus Teaches Us TooStace RollefsonJohn 21:1-19
April 2022TitleSpeakerScripture
04/24/2022Resurrection RescueStace RollefsonJohn 20:19-31
04/17/2022Good News to RememberStace RollefsonLuke 24:1-12
04/10/2022Save Us He DidStace RollefsonJohn 12:9-19
04/03/2022Stewarding, Not Owning, God's VineyardStace RollefsonLuke 20:9-20
March 2022TitleSpeakerScripture
03/27/2022Not Fair, Thank GodStace RollefsonLuke 15:1-3, 11-32
03/20/2022Repentance - A Way of Life in the LordStace RollefsonLuke 13:1-9
03/13/2022Going with JesusStace RollefsonLuke 13:31-35
03/06/2022Jesus-Our Rescue From TemptationStace RollefsonLuke 4:1-13
February 2022TitleSpeakerScripture
02/27/2022Transformed by JesusStace RollefsonLuke 9:28-36
02/20/2022God's Grace Heals Deep HurtsStace RollefsonGenesis 45:3-15
02/13/2022Trees of RighteousnessStace RollefsonJeremiah 17:5-8
02/06/2022Best News Ever-The Holy Seed SproutedStace RollefsonIsaiah 6:1-13 Ps.2:1-12
January 2022TitleSpeakerScripture
01/30/2022Pray Psalm 71Stace RollefsonPsalm 71
01/23/2022The Joy of the Lord is Your StrengthStace RollefsonNehemiah 8:1-10
01/16/2022God Rejoices Over YouStace RollefsonIsaiah 62:1-5
01/09/2022The Beautiful SonriseStace RollefsonMatthew 2:1-12
01/02/2022FocusStace RollefsonLuke 2:40-52
December 2021TitleSpeakerScripture
12/26/2021Stop and Hold the BabyStace RollefsonLuke 2:22-40
12/19/2021St Paul Lutheran Church - A Holy PeopleStace RollefsonHebrews 10:5-10
12/12/2021St Paul Lutheran Church - Giving Anxiety to the Right OneStace RollefsonPhilipians 4:4-7
12/05/2021St Paul Lutheran Church - A Partnership in GraceStace RollefsonPhilippians 1:2-11
November 2021TitleSpeakerScripture
11/28/2021St Paul Lutheran Church - People of PrayerStace RollefsonI Thessalonians 3:9-13
11/21/2021Christ the King SundayStace RollefsonMark 13:24-37
11/14/2021I believe in the ResurrectionStace RollefsonDaniel 12:1-3
11/07/2021A View Worth Taking InStace RollefsonRevelation 7:1-17
October 2021TitleSpeakerScripture
10/31/2021Reformation, A Way of LifeStace RollefsonJohn 8:31-36
10/24/2021Don't Fit In, Ask for HelpStace RollefsonMark 10:46-52
10/17/2021Praise and Worship at MidnightIrfan WilsonJoshua 6:1-11 & Acts 16:25-34
10/10/2021Your Faith: History or Current Events?Stace RollefsonMark 10:17-22
10/03/2021Marriage: An Illustration of the ChurchStace RollefsonMark 10:2-16
September 2021TitleSpeakerScripture
09/26/2021A congregation where healing happens.Stace RollefsonJames 5:1-20
09/19/2021Heart care.Stace RollefsonJames 3:13-4:10
09/12/2021Faith Recognizes UnbeliefStace RollefsonMark 9:14-29
09/05/2021Faith holds on to to Jesus.Stace RollefsonMark 7:24-37
August 2021TitleSpeakerScripture
08/29/2021Spiritual Heart HealthStace RollefsonMark 7:14-21
08/22/2021God's miracle!Rand CertainMatthew 19:4-6
08/15/2021A tale of two kingdoms.Kenneth HauptJohn 6:51-69
08/08/2021Amazing grace, peace, and unseen faith.Rand Certain1 Peter 1:3-9 & Mark 16:1-14
08/01/2021Jesus, our soul food.Stace RollefsonJohn 6:22-35
July 2021TitleSpeakerScripture
07/25/2021Jesus, ark of our salvation.Stace RollefsonMark 6:45-56
07/18/2021In Christ care.Stace RollefsonMark 6:30-44
07/11/2021The cost of faithfulness.Stace RollefsonMark 6:14-29
07/04/2021Strength in weakness.Stace Rollefson2 Corinthians 12:1-10
June 2021TitleSpeakerScripture
06/27/2021Faith, A Different Kind of TouchStace RollefsonMark 5:21-43
06/13/2021Trust God with cross eyes.Stace Rollefson2 Corinthians 5:1-17
06/06/2021The Lord's family of faith.Stace RollefsonMark 3:20-35
May 2021TitleSpeakerScripture
05/30/2021Defending & proclaiming the Trinity.Stace RollefsonActs 2
05/23/2021Saved by the Spirit.Stace RollefsonActs 2:1-21
05/16/2021Jesus' ministry now.Stace RollefsonEphesians 1:15-23
05/09/2021Real love!Stace RollefsonJohn 15:9-17
05/02/2021Connected to Jesus.Stace RollefsonJohn 15:1-8
April 2021TitleSpeakerScripture
04/25/2021A voice Like No OtherStace RollefsonJohn 10:11-18
04/11/2021Rescue!Stace RollefsonJohn 19:19-31
04/04/2021Standing on the Gospel.Stace Rollefson1 Corinthians 15:1-11
March 2021TitleSpeakerScripture
03/28/2021Journey with Jesus to the cross.Stace RollefsonMark 11, 12, 13
03/21/2021Jesus, our servant Savior.Stace RollefsonMark 10:32-45
03/14/2021Trust Jesus & LiveStace RollefsonJohn 3:14-21
03/07/2021Temple TruthStace RollefsonJohn 2:13-25
February 2021TitleSpeakerScripture
02/28/2021ThankfulStace RollefsonMark 8:27-38
02/21/2021Jesus Faced Our Foe and WonStace RollefsonMark 1:9-15
02/14/2021Transformed by love.Stace RollefsonMark 2:9-29
02/07/2021Share what you need too!Stace RollefsonMark 1:29-39
January 2021TitleSpeakerScripture
01/31/2021God's greatest gift.Rand CertainJohn 3:16-17
01/24/2021The alarm model.Stace RollefsonMark 1:14-20
01/17/2021Jesus - The stairway to heaven.Stace RollefsonJohn 1:43-51
01/10/2021Dead to sin.Stace RollefsonRomans 6:1-11
01/03/2021Focused on our Father, focused on us.Stace RollefsonLuke 2:40-55
December 2020TitleSpeakerScripture
12/27/2020It's your turn to hold him.Stace RollefsonLuke 2:22-40
12/20/2020Incarnation!Stace RollefsonLuke 1:26-38
12/13/2020Prepared for Christ's arrival.Stace Rollefson1 Thessalonians 5:16-24
November 2020TitleSpeakerScripture
11/29/2020Join the watch party.Stace RollefsonMark 13:24-37
11/22/2020Christ the king Sunday.Stace RollefsonMatthew 25:31-46
11/15/2020Invest what God has given you.Stace RollefsonMatthew 25:14-30
11/08/2020Prepared for anything in Christ.Stace RollefsonMatthew 25:1-13
11/01/2020A title bestowed, not earned.Stace Rollefson1 John 3:1-3
October 2020TitleSpeakerScripture
10/25/2020Abide in Jesus!Stace RollefsonJohn 8:31-36
10/18/2020We marvel and follow.Stace RollefsonMatthew 22:15-22
10/11/2020Dressed to party!Stace RollefsonMatthew 22:1-14
10/04/2020Under new management.Stace RollefsonMatthew 21:33-46
September 2020TitleSpeakerScripture
09/27/2020Don't settle for going to church, be church!Stace RollefsonMatthew 21:23-32
09/20/2020The Gospel is not fair, thank God!Stace RollefsonMatthew 20:1-16
09/13/2020Receiving grace & saving it.Stace RollefsonMatthew 18:21-35
09/06/2020Practicing truth - a way of life.Stace RollefsonMatthew 18:1-20
August 2020TitleSpeakerScripture
08/30/2020Good DenialStace RollefsonMatthew 16:21-28
08/23/2020On Christ I stand.Stace RollefsonMatthew 16:13-20
08/16/2020Faith in Jesus - A good kind of stubborn.Stace RollefsonMatthew 15:21-28
08/09/2020Keep your eyes on Jesus!Stace RollefsonMatthew 14:22-33
08/02/2020What's so good about Good Works?Ken HauptMatthew 7:15-23
July 2020TitleSpeakerScripture
07/26/2020Jesus Wants Us To UnderstandStace RollefsonMatthew 13:44-52
07/19/2020The Source of Church TroublesStace RollefsonMatthew 13:24-30, 36-43
07/12/2020How are you growing?Stace RollefsonMatthew 13:1-9, 18-23
07/05/2020True Rest in JesusStace RollefsonMatthew 11:25-30
June 2020TitleSpeakerScripture
06/28/2020Real Love Is MessyStace RollefsonMatthew 10:34-42
06/21/2020Real Faith and WitnessStace RollefsonJeremiah 20:7-13
06/14/2020The real thirst quencher.Ken HauptJohn 4:4-26
06/07/2020Our Trinitarian Faith: A View from the WaterKen HauptMatthew 28:19
May 2020TitleSpeakerScripture
05/31/2020All Who Are Thirsty.Stace RollefsonJohn 7:37-39
05/24/2020Easter people have a king.Stace RollefsonEphesians 1:15-23
05/17/2020Easter people have the Spirit!Stace RollefsonJohn 14:15-21
05/10/2020Easter people have a plan forever.Stace RollefsonJohn 14:1-14
05/03/2020Easter people have a good Pastor.Stace RollefsonJohn 10:1-11
April 2020TitleSpeakerScripture
04/26/2020Easter people have purpose.Stace RollefsonLuke 24:13-35
04/19/2020Easter people need and share peace.Stace RollefsonJohn 20:19-31
04/12/2020Easter people!Stace RollefsonMatthew 28:1-10
04/05/2020Victory in Jesus: He rode into the storm.Stace RollefsonJohn 12
March 2020TitleSpeakerScripture
03/29/2020Victory in Jesus: Alive in Christ.Stace RollefsonJohn 11
03/22/2020Victory in Jesus: Living in a new family.Stace RollefsonJohn 9
03/15/2020Victory in Jesus: Tell your story.Stace RollefsonJohn 4:5-42
03/08/2020Victory In Jesus: Born Again By His Labor PainsStace RollefsonJohn 3:1-17
03/01/2020Victory In Jesus: Deliverance From the DevilStace RollefsonMatthew 4:1-11
February 2020TitleSpeakerScripture
02/23/2020Wish We Were ThereStace RollefsonMatthew 17:1-9
02/16/2020Churches can grow up.Stace Rollefson1 Corinthians 3:1-9
02/09/2020Rest your faith on the power of God.Stace Rollefson1 Corinthians 2:1-16
02/02/2020How do you treat Jesus?Stace RollefsonLuke 2:22-40
January 2020TitleSpeakerScripture
01/26/2020Here comes the son.Stace RollefsonMatthew 4:12-25
01/19/2020The ultimate stain remover.Stace RollefsonJohn 1:29-42
01/12/2020Baptism, conecting people to Jesus.Fred Schafer & Stace RollefsonRomans 6:1-11
01/05/2020In the family business.Stace RollefsonLuke 2:40-52
December 2019TitleSpeakerScripture
12/29/2019Adopted.Stace RollefsonGalatians 4:4-7
12/22/2019Incarnation.Stace RollefsonMatthew 1:18-25
12/15/2019A different kind of gift.Stace RollefsonMatthew 11:2-15
12/08/2019A life of repentance & confessionStace RollefsonMatthew 3:1-12
12/01/2019In the blink of an eye.Stace RollefsonMatthew 24:36-44
November 2019TitleSpeakerScripture
11/24/2019Christ the King SundayStace RollefsonLuke 23:27-43
11/17/2019The big picture of faithStace RollefsonLuke 21:5-26
11/10/2019Jesus Christ's Coming KingdomRev. Irfan WilsonMultiple
11/03/2019Stewardship - It's about your offering too.Stace RollefsonMultiple - 2 Corinthians 9:6-15
October 2019TitleSpeakerScripture
10/27/2019Stewardship - It's about teamwork.Stace RollefsonMultiple - 1 Corinthians 12
10/20/2019Stewardship - It's about all your life.Stace RollefsonMultiple
10/13/2019Stewardship - It's about attitude.Stace RollefsonMultiple
10/06/2019The two faces of faith.Ken HauptLuke 17:1-10
September 2019TitleSpeakerScripture
09/29/2019Angels among us.Stace RollefsonLuke 10:17-20
09/22/2019What Can We Learn From A Crook?!Stace RollefsonLuke 16:1-15
09/15/2019Their complaint IS the Good News.Stace RollefsonLuke 15:1-15
09/08/2019Cherish Fellowship In God's Word and Grow.Stace RollefsonPsalm 1
09/01/2019Pray for your leaders, your life is their ministry.Stace RollefsonHebrews 13:7-17
August 2019TitleSpeakerScripture
08/25/2019Learning how to be Church.Stace RollefsonHebrews 12:4-13:6
08/18/2019Learning how to persevere.Stace RollefsonHebrews 11:32-12:3
08/11/2019Learning how to live.Stace RollefsonHebrews 11:1-40
08/04/2019Learning how to get dressed.Stace RollefsonColossians 3:1-17
July 2019TitleSpeakerScripture
07/28/2019Learning how to pray.Stace RollefsonLuke 11:1-13
07/21/2019Notice the warning signs.Stace RollefsonLuke 10:38-42
07/14/2019Jesus cares.Stace RollefsonLuke 10:25-37
07/07/2019Give God the glory!Stace RollefsonLuke 10:1-20
June 2019TitleSpeakerScripture
06/30/2019Forward in the strength of Jesus.Stace RollefsonLuke 9:51-62
06/23/2019Tell your story!Stace RollefsonLuke 8: 26-39
06/16/20191+1+1=1Stace RollefsonJohn 8:48-59
06/09/2019The 3 sounds of Pentecost.Gary SchaperActs 2:17 from (1-21)
06/02/2019An Alternative Life StyleGary SchaperJohn 17:20-26
May 2019TitleSpeakerScripture
05/26/2019Stay close to Jesus!Stace RollefsonJohn 16:23-33
05/19/2019The plan? Love!Stace RollefsonJohn 13:31-35
05/12/2019In His grip!Stace RollefsonJohn 10:27-30
05/05/2019Jesus has plans for you!Stace RollefsonJohn 21:1-19
April 2019TitleSpeakerScripture
04/28/2019Jesus to the rescue!Stace RollefsonJohn 20:19-31
04/21/2019Believe the good news of Easter!Stace RollefsonLuke 24:1-12
04/14/2019Celebrate Jesus!Stace RollefsonJohn 12:9-19
04/07/2019Knowing ChristGary SchaperPhilippians 3:4-14
March 2019TitleSpeakerScripture
03/31/2019Faith in Jesus saves!Stace RollefsonLuke 15:1-3,11-32
03/24/2019Repentence - a way of life in the Lord.Stace RollefsonLuke 13:1-9
03/17/2019Walk by faith.Stace RollefsonLuke 13:31-35,
Philippians 3:17-4:1
03/10/2019Jesus is the way through temptation.Stace RollefsonLuke 4:1-13
03/03/2019Transformed by Jesus.Stace RollefsonLuke 9:28-36
February 2019TitleSpeakerScripture
02/24/2019God is kind to the ungrateful & evil, do the same!Stace RollefsonLuke 6:27-38
02/17/2019Blessed by God!Stace RollefsonJeremiah 17:5-8,
1 Corinthians 15:1-11,12-20,
Luke 6:17-26
02/10/2019There's more to catch, keep fishing for people in your life!Stace RollefsonLuke 5:1-11
02/03/2019The battle is in us!Stace RollefsonLuke 4:31-44
January 2019TitleSpeakerScripture
01/27/2019Good preaching is not appreciated.Stace RollefsonLuke 4:16-30
01/20/2019Epiphany - Jesus is God!Stace RollefsonJohn 2:1-11
October 2017TitleSpeakerScripture
10/29/2017Happy 500th anniversary!Stace RollefsonJohn 8:31-36